What is mediation?

Mediation is an effective method of resolving community or neighborhood disputes. Our trained mediators specialise in helping residents, neighbours and communities to resolve issues such as noise, parking, boundary disputes, high hedges and other forms of anti –social behaviour. Mediators help all parties to discuss problems and reach a solution acceptable to everyone involved through listening, supporting and guiding each party towards resolving their problems. Mediation sessions are voluntary, and arrangements reached are not legally binding although experience has shown that they are effective.. The service is free (depending on funding), confidential, impartial and independent.

Does it work?

Newport Mediation has been resolving community disputes for over 10 years. We have worked with many different situations –some involving whole neighbourhoods - our results are excellent-over two thirds of our cases reach full or partial agreement.

When should I go to mediation?

Where possible the best way to sort out a problem is informally between yourself and the other party. However this is not always possible without outside help. This is when mediation can be useful, and its use does not prevent clients from seeking legal advice at any time.

Who does it?

Mediation is carried out by specially trained volunteers from the local community, who work in pairs.

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