Guide to Community Mediation

How does it Work

Mediation is process in which impartial mediators can help all parties involved in a dispute to sort out their differences quickly, peacefully and confidentially.


Step 1: (initial contact)

If you have a problem with a tenant or neigbour or are effected by a tenant of Newport City Homes, Bron Afon Housing or Charter Housing you can approach and contact theses organizations for a referral to the service.

Alternately you may contact us direct for information; to discuss your particular circumstances or request a referral.

Step 2 (pre-mediation)

When we have received a referral two mediators from the service will then contact you to arrange a convenient time and date for a home visit. During the visit our mediators will listen to your concerns , explain about mediation, and you can then decide whether or not to proceed.

Step 3(mediation)

The mediators will arrange a safe, neutral place for you all to meet together at a time convenient to everyone involved.

Through one or more sessions, the aim is to assist you all in finding a solution which everyone can accept. The agreement made is yours - the mediators just help you to reach it.

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